About Summer Magic

Summer Magic is a FREE and VIRTUAL seven-week sleight of hand card magic course for everyone in the Rolesville, NC area! This course aims to protect and improve mental health and facilitate mental and emotional wellbeing during COVID-19 by promoting connectedness, hope, and mindfulness.

Mission & Vision

Summer Magic strives to forge new connections to foster belonging and community, inspire hope to cultivate optimism and ambition, and promote mindfulness to reduce stress and increase contentedness.

Session Types

  1. Weekly education sessions to share what magic reveals about the human condition  |  30 minutes

  2. Technique and trick tutorial sessions to learn sleight of hand magic  |  90 minutes

  3. Discussion sessions to explore the power of art during COVID-19  |  60 minutes

Age Groups

  1. Elementary Students

  2. Middle and High School Students

  3. Adults

These divisions will facilitate the most comfort during discussion sessions and detail of instruction during education and tutorial sessions.

Required Materials

     1.   Device with internet access and a webcam

2.   Deck of Cards


3. Zoom Video Conferencing Software

Please contact instructor for concerns about accessing required materials.



Summer Magic is made possible by the Ethics in Place Summer Fellowship, sponsored by the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University.


Summer Magic

Wesley Pritzlaff

Rolesville, NC 27571


Tel: (919) 538-5627

#YouAreLoved :)

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