The FAQs will be updated frequently throughout the course! 


How much does Summer Magic cost?

Summer Magic is FREE! :)  Sleight of hand magic is a powerful skill that everyone should be able to learn without a cost. Please let the instructor know if you have difficulty obtaining the required materials listed in the  "ABOUT" tab.

What resources will I need?

The only resources that you will need are: 1) a device with a webcam that can connect to the internet, 2) a deck of cards, and 3) Zoom video conferencing software. Please let the instructor know if you have difficulty obtaining the required materials listed in the  "ABOUT" tab.


How will Summer Magic be delivered?

Summer Magic will be VIRTUAL and delivered through Zoom! Please visit the "ABOUT" tab for link to download Zoom video conferencing software for free.


Do I need previous magic experience to participate?

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! This course is designed for individuals with no previous magic experience. However, this course is also appropriate for individuals with prior magic experience! Everyone is welcome. :) 

When will Summer Magic take place?

Summer Magic is a seven-week commitment course that will start the week of June 15 and end the week of July 27. 


What is the weekly commitment to Summer Magic?

The commitment is 3 hours/week for the first six week and 2 hours for the final week, totaling 20-hours of in person commitment across seven weeks. The instructor strongly encourages you to attend all sessions to get the best and complete experience from this course.


When does registration close?

Registration closes on Monday, June 15 @ 5:00 PM!


Can I register now and cancel at a later time?

You can cancel your registration for the course by notifying the instructor before the end of registration on Monday, June 15, @ 5:00 PM.


Who can participate in Summer Magic?

EVERYONE can participate! There will be three age groups: 1) elementary students, 2) middle and high school students, and 3) adults. These divisions will facilitate the most comfort during discussion sessions and detail of instruction during education and tutorial sessions.


What if I am a parent/older sibling/friend and want to take Summer Magic with someone from a different age group?

Please register individually and notify the instructor that you plan to attend a different age group's sessions with another registrant. You can choose to attend the session of whichever age group you feel is most appropriate! 

Do I have to live in Rolesville to participate?

Summer Magic is intended to serve the community of Rolesville, NC. However, if you live in a surronding area--including, but not limited to Wake Forest, Raleigh, Youngsville, Bunn, Hopkins, Zebulon, and Knightdale--and are intersted in the course, please REGISTER! :)


What if I am unable to attend the sessions for my age group but I can attend the session of a different age group?

Please contact the instructor to ask about joining the session for a different age group before registering!

What if I am unable to attend any of the sessions but I want to participate?

Please contact the instructor to see if it is possible to schedule another time to meet!


What if I can only attend two out of the three session types?

Please contact the instructor to discuss your circumstance before registering!


What if I still have questions?

Please contact the instructor! :)


Summer Magic

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