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Hi friends! My name is Wesley Pritzlaff; I am a rising senior at Duke University majoring in neuroscience and planning to pursue a career in physical therapy. I am so excited for this opportunity to learn about, perform, and discuss sleight of hand card magic with you! I have practiced sleight of hand magic for four years and have taught it to different age groups at Duke for the past two and a half years. I have lived in Rolesville, NC since 2004, and I am eager to engage in this performing art with my home community.


I believe that sleight of hand magic allows you to share one of the greatest gifts of all: the gift of a smile. Performing sleight of hand card magic has helped me to form new relationships, boost my confidence, develop a passion, foster creativity, and spread joy. I have learned that the cards are just a medium--the true magic comes from within.


I am extremely grateful for the Ethics in Place Summer Fellowship, sponsored by the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University, for making this opportunity possible.


Duke Sleight Club

Founder & President

I founded the Duke Sleight Club in May 2018, a sleight of hand teaching and performing student organization, and served as its president for two years.

Moment of Mindfulness

Wellness Instructor

I have facilitated weekly sleight of hand magic  tutorial sessions through the Duke Wellness Center's Moment of Mindfulness program to promote stress mangament  and prioritize self-care.

Duke Hospital

Performing Arts Volunteer

I have volunteered weekly at the Duke University Hospital Cancer Center for two years during the school year by performing sleight of hand magic for patients in the waiting rooms

Other Programs

Magic Instructor

I have taught sleight of hand magic to elementary students at Duke Children's Hospital, middle and high school students in Zhuhai, China through DukeEngage and on Duke's campus through the semesterly Duke Splash program, and college students and adults at the Duke Wellness Center.


Moment of Mindfulness Attendees

"Wesley is an incredible contributor to wellness at Duke. He founded and runs Duke Sleight Club, and every Monday he patiently teaches us card tricks. He explained to me his philosophy on the healing powers of card tricks and how magic has great benefits to mental health, as well as his future ambition of merging magic with therapy for children. It is incredibly clear how incredibly passionate he is! I love the way he relates to others - every time I come to card tricks on Monday, I immediately feel at ease.”

"I LOVE THIS SO MUCH truly looked forward to this all day"

"Fantastic. Wes is very nice."

Summer Magic

Wesley Pritzlaff

Rolesville, NC 27571 

Tel: (919) 538-5627

#YouAreLoved :)

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